OPTI PROBE 5240 7341 UV BULB P34

OPTI PROBE 5240 7341 UV BULB P34


Therma wave OPTI PROBE


5240 or 7341 UV BULB P34?

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OPTI PROBE 5240 7341 UV BULB P34?

PN 18-020285

This bulb is a replament

No shutter stucking any more (bad systeme test with out error)

Lampe is all Quarze !!

Fit in to the OEM holder.

This lampe is used since for as 5 years by different customers 

We can help by calibrations and check off line the system

Other D2D bulbs can demage the D array

( see patentlight bulb 3 of 5 custmers had to change the D array  )

This will not happen we can prove it !!

Therma wave OPTI PROBE

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